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Maldives Events



Maldives Events



The Maldives has been an Islamic country since 1153 and the Islamic festival of Eid has always been an important event for the people. Even in the days of the monarchy, special customs were followed in the Eid. It includes special drumbeats from 'Nabuskhan', a place where special events are announced with drums, and the official procession of the Sultan to the Eid prayer. This procession was accompanied by music and military displays. In the islands special games are played. People wear new clothes and are in a festive mood.

Through the times the customs of celebrating the Eid have changed. Now you can see western and modern music shows held in Male' and other islands. In addition brass bands, cadets of schools and National security service holds parades out in the streets. The traditional games are also now revived including baibala. There are two Eids for Muslims, one after the fasting days of Ramazan and the other after the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. The various cultural events associated with these two Eids vary and are also different from island to island. If a visitor wish to see traditional events held during these Eid festivals, a local island would be the ideal one to visit.

CIRCUMCISION |Back to top|
The circumcision of small boys is celebrated. Usually the boys are circumcised in the annual school holidays. The houses are decorated and music is played. Many people visit such houses mainly to enjoy a game of carom or participate in the local bodu beru and listen to a local band perform. It is quite often that you will find some form of powder or spray ruining your clothes.

The Maldives became a British Protectorate in 1887. The British made an agreement in which they pledged not to interfere with the internal affairs of the Maldives, while on foreign affairs the British were to be consulted. In return the British assured of security and protection from any colonial intimidation. On 26th July 1965, full independence was granted to the Maldives. Maldives celebrates its Independence Day on 26th of July. Special celebrations include parades by the National Security Services and the school children.

MARTYRS'DAY |Back to top|
A Portuguese fleet attacked Male' in 1558. The ruling Sultan Ali 6th fought against the invaders with little support from his fellow countrymen. He was killed in the fighting. He is hailed as a national hero and declared a martyr. He was killed on 1 Shauban 965 A.H. (Islamic calendar). Every year 1 Shauban is marked Martyr's day in the memory of Sultan Ali 6th.

NATIONAL DAY |Back to top|
After the Portuguese invaded Maldives and killed the reigning Sultan in 1558, the Maldives was under Portuguese colonial rule until Muhmmad Thakurufaanu liberated Maldives in 1573. He and his companions arrived on Male' on 1 Rabeeul Awwal 981 A.H. (Islamic calendar) and ended the colonial rule of fifteen years. Now 1 Rabeeul Awwal is marked the National Day. Parades and root marches are held in the streets of Male' and other islands on this day.

HURAVEE DAY|Back to top|
In 1752, in the third year of the reign of Sultan Mukarram Muhammad Imadudheen 3, a South Indian expedition captured Male', took the King with them and destroyed the palace. This occurred on 13th Safar 1166 A.H. (Islamic Calendar). Some of the invaders remained, controlling the Maldives. Within four months, Maldives regained its independence under the leadership of Muleege Hassan Maniku, who was later to become a Sultan named Hassan Izzudheen. This national hero, a descendant of a family from Huraa, Male' Atoll, liberated Maldives on 3rd Jumadhul Akhir 1166. Hence, this day is marked as Huravee Day.

The 12th of Rabeeul Awwal in Arabic calendar ismarked the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Traditionally, it was a very important day in which Malood, Arabic verses praising the Prophet, were sung. Special foods including aweli were made. Even today, some households offer special prayers and prepare special food for the occasion. It's a public holiday.

REPUBLICDAY |Back to top|
After hundreds of years as a monarchy, the Maldives became a Republic on 1 January 1953. However, this Republic was short lived. A monarchy was restored within the same year after turbulent politics. A Republic was formed again on 11 November 1968. The Republic Day falls on 11 November. Parades on streets and special events are held on this day.

VICTORY DAY |Back to top|
A terrorist group attacked Male' on 3 November 1988 and tried to overthrow the government in an attempted coup. However, they fled the country after their attempts failed. Victory Day is marked on 3 November.

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