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Weather & Climate in Palestine

Weather and Climate in Palestine


The climate of Palestine for the greater part of the year is pleasant. Winter lasts for three months, from mid-December to mid-March, and can be severe. During the remainder of the year, the climate is temperate, with the hottest weather in the months of July and August. The Middle Eastern summer is eased by breezes coming from the Mediterranean Sea. Summer although hot in the daytime, is fairly cool at night requiring a sweater.

The atmosphere of Palestine is clear and its air is pure. Summer temperatures reach 35° centigrade and in the winter temperature may drop to Zero. Bethlehem receives an average of 700 mm of rainfall annually. The inconsistency of rainfall throughout the months and years requires that most vegetable cultivation be supplemented with irrigation to ensure normal growth.

The rainy season starts in the second half of autumn (mid-October) and continues until the end of April. Heavy rain is, however, limited to fewer than 50 days, with around 70% of the rain falling during November to February. The town is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea breeze that comes around mid-day. However, the town is affected by annual waves of hot, dry, sandy and dust Khamaseen winds which originate from the Arabian desert during the months of April, May and mid-June.

Palestine receives an average of seven hours of sunshine a day during the winter and thirteen hours during the summer. As a consequence, Bethlehemites use rooftop solar collectors extensively, to capture the solar energy and to replace limited and expensive available energy resources.

The average annual relative humidity is 60% and reaches its highest rates during the months of January and February. In May, however, humidity levels are at their lowest. Night dew may occur in up to 180 days per year. Visitors are therefore advised to dress warmly in winter, while in summer, they are advised to bring light clothes and sweaters for the evening. In addition a head cover and sun block are essential for protection against sunstroke and sunburn.


Temperature and Rainfall in Gaza Palestine

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