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Weather and Climate in Somalia


Weather and Climate in Somalia


Climate is the primary factor in much of Somali life. With hot, dry weather year-round, except at the higher elevations in the north, most of Somalia has a semi-arid to arid environment suitable primarily for the nomadic pastoralism that more than half the population practices. Agriculture is practiced primarily in the northwest and in the interriverine areas in the south.

Somalia has two rainy seasons: the Gu (April to June) and the Dayr (October to November). Droughts usually occur every two to three years in the Dayr and every eight to ten years in both the Dayr and the Gu. The coastal region in the south around Mogadishu and Kismaayo has an additional rainy season, the Xagaaye (July to August), in which isolated rain showers prevail.

In the south, the mean monthly temperature ranges from 68° F and 92° F. The hottest months are February through April. Somalia's hottest climate is on the northern coastal strip along the Gulf of Aden, where temperatures range from 105° F in the summer to 78° F in the winter. In the northern mountain regions, the climate is moderate, with temperatures ranging between 63° F in the winter to 78° F in the summer.

Temperature and Rainfall in Hargeisa Somalia

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