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Weather and Climate in Haiti


Weather and Climate in Haiti

Weather and Climate in Haiti

Port-Au-Prince's Climate: Haiti's capital is located at the head of the Canal de Saint-Marc and the Canal du Sud at the western end of Hispaniola's Cul de Sac. The city is about 19 degrees north of the equator and 1,400 miles directly south of New York. Haiti is also 1,400 miles east of Mexico City. Cuba is just about 50 miles to the northwest, Puerto Rico is yet again 50 miles to the east, while Jamaica lies 100 miles (160.9 kilometers) to the southwest. Port-au-Prince has a tropical climate. Average temperatures along the coast are at 26.7°C. The annual precipitation averages 1,346 mm in Port-au-Prince, but only 508 mm in the north-west. The rainy season is in summer and as with much of the Caribbean area, the winters (Dec-Jan) tend to be dry.

Haiti's Climate: The best time to go is November-March, when day temperatures are in the 70s-80s F/23-32 C and nights are in the 60s-70s F/15-27 C. The rainy season is May-July, but even when it rains, it usually lasts for only an hour or two in the evening. Hurricane season is July-October. The hill country is always about 10 degrees F/5 C cooler. Take a sweater no matter when you go: Evenings can be cool even colder in the mountain areas.

Haiti terrain consists of two large peninsulas, the southern peninsula is the longest of the two. The two peninsulas are separated by the Golfe de la Gonâve. Characteristic are mountain ranges, which are dissected by numerous mostly narrow valleys. The highest point of the country, the Pic de la Selle, reaches an altitude of 2,680 m. The coastline is very rugged, so that there is a large number of natural harbours. The longest river is the Artibonite, which is partly navigable.

The tropical vegetation of Haiti was decimated by cultivation and deforestation for timber. In the higher-lying mountainous regions pine forests are found, in the valleys there are cedars, mahogany (sadly very few are left) and oak trees. The country's flora includes orange and mango trees. All in all, there are 5,000 plant species in Haiti, of which two thirds are trees and shrubs. 600 fern species and 300 different kinds of orchids have their habitat in the country. It is estimated that 35% of the plant species only exist in Haiti. In the desert-like areas some Haitian cacti species grow. Common animal species are above all crocodiles and iguanas. It's always a good time to visit. Storm Warning - Tanpèt - Danje - Siklòn!
Pandan siklòn yo ap fòme paj Meteyo sou Kreyol.com nan la pou ou. Swiv Sèvis Nasyonal Meteyo, swiv yo - prè pou bay avètisman, siveyans, anons ak lòt enfòmasyon sou sitiyasyon danje 24 è pa jou. Ou ka achte yon ti radyo avek pil pou koute meteyo pou tout nouvèl sa yo.

Haitian Weather Feeds: Note that feeds on this page are from local weather reporting services and reporting stations. Local observations or Current Conditions may not be available from the closest reporting station for a variety of reasons. Where some stations are closed overnight or on weekends, for instance, a local report will not be available. Other reasons may include the station being offline for repair or maintenance or various communications outages.

Port au Prince  Haiti Climate Graph

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