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Japan Climate , Time , and Business Hours
Winter (December - February)
The temperature rarely drops below 0°C in the plains along the Pacific coast during wintertime. It is also quite dry and very often sunny. Central Japan and Northern Japan are highly reputed regions for winter sports. Southern Japan is comparatively mild and pleasant in winter.

Clothing: overcoats, sweaters, etc.

Spring (March - May)
The plum blossom is a good sign that the cold winter will soon end and spring is just around the corner, followed by the cherry blossom at its best in the Tokyo area between the end of March and the beginning of April to bring this beautiful season to a climax. Splendid views of mountains, fields and gardens all blanketed in gentle pink abound in this season.

Clothing: light jackets, light sweaters and other similar kinds of tops.

Summer (June - August)
The Japanese summer begins in June with a three to four week rainy season. This is an important time for farmers to plant rice. It becomes seriously hot and humid from July onward and many Japanese enjoy bathing in the sea and relaxing at cool resorts in mountainous areas. Summer is when many interesting festivals and other events are held all over the country.

Clothing: light clothes (cardigans and other similar kinds are handy, since indoors are mostly air-conditioned.)

Autumn (September - November)
Autumn always brings such freshness with a light breeze and cool temperature after the hot and humid summer. All forests are dyed in glorious autumn colors. Chrysanthemums create beautiful displays with their abundance of flowers to enchant visitors to parks and gardens. Autumn is also the season for many exhibitions, music concerts and sports tournaments in Japan.

Clothing: light jackets, light sweaters and other similar kinds of tops.

Average Temperature & Precipitation in Major Cities:

Winter (Jan)
T(F) T(C) P
Spring (Apr)
T(F) T(C) P
Summer (Jul)
T(F) T(C) P
Autumn (Oct)
T(F) T(C) P
26.4 -4.1 110.7
44.1 6.7 60.9
68.9 20.5 67.2
52.3 11.3 124.1
34.7 1.5 33.1
50.2 10.1 98.1
71.8 22.1 159.7
58.6 14.8 99.2
42.4 5.8 48.6
57.9 14.4 130.3
77.7 25.4 161.5
64.8 18.2 163.1
39.7 4.3 43.2
57.4 14.1 143.3
78.8 26.0 218.0
63.7 17.6 116.9
42.4 5.8 43.7
58.6 14.8 121.1
81.0 27.2 155.4
65.7 18.7 109.3
43.5 6.4 72.1
58.6 14.8 125.2
80.4 26.9 266.4
65.7 18.7 80.9
61.9 16.6 114.5
70.3 21.3 180.7
83.3 28.5 176.1
76.8 24.9 162.9

Key: "T" stands for temperature in (F) Fahrenheit and (C) Celsius;
"P" stands for precipitation in mm.


All of Japan is in the same time zone,
9 hours ahead of G.M.T. No Daylight Saving Time is practiced in Japan.
Shown below is a list of time differences between Japan and other major international cities.

Business Hours

  Weekdays Sataturday Sun. & National Holidays
Banks 09:00-15:00 closed closed
Post Offices 09:00-17:00 closed closed
Dept. Stores 10:00-20:00 10:00-20:00 10:00-19:30
Shops 10:00-20:00 10:00-20:00 10:00-20:00
Museums 10:00-17:00 10:00-17:00 10:00-17:00
Offices 09:00-17:00 closed closed

Some main post offices are open seven days a week.
Most department stores are closed for two to three weekdays a month.
Most museums are closed on Mondays.



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