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Tokyo Nightlife - There are no less than 80 different clubs in Tokyo so you will have so much fun just deciding which one to go to. The minimum drinking age is 20 so if you are able get out and enjoy as many of these fantastic places that you can.

Get dressed up and go out on the town and try one of the clubs in the area. The Castillo is a really fun disco where you can dance the night away. Or try Salsa Sudada for dancing to the Latin sounds this place is a lot of fun. Do you like Rock and Roll? Try the Rolling Stone for a fun night out. If you are really ready to hit the scene try the Velfarre. It has a strict dress code so wear your finest attire and be prepared to pay a high cover charge at the door. This place is a disco palace and will keep you dancing throughout the night.

Perhaps you are the gambling type? The city has the Tokyo Dome for you where you can play the games and try your luck. As you can see there are many different places to go to when the sun goes down in Tokyo. At each of these establishments be prepared to have a really good time. Don't worry if you like a quieter place to grab some food and a drink there are numerous restaurants also. Plenty of places for you to just relax and close out a busy day in. Tokyo has it all. Just be sure that you enjoy all that Tokyo has in the way of things to do after dark.

6-1-8 Roppongi
Tokyo, Japan
The Castillo is a fantastic disco. It is a place for all who love to dance. There is a dance floor that gets packed with people so be prepared to have a lot of fun. There is a decent sized bar so you will have a chance to get a drink when you need one.

Salsa Sudada
7-13-8 Roppongi
Tokyo, Japan
The Salsa Sudada is a great place to head out for a drink or two and listen to some Latin music. Wear your best outfit and you better wear your dancing shoes so you can show off your greatest dance steps. You'll want to spend all night at this fine place.

Rolling Stone
3-2-7 Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan
The Rolling Stone is the place to go if you like rock and roll. There is live music and a rocking crowd of people. Be prepared for quite a crowd so don't go here if your not in the mood for fun. There are lots of good times to be had at this place.

7-14-22 Roppongi
Tokyo, Japan
The Velfarre has a couple of levels to its establishment and it is just one huge disco palace. This place gets really crowded and there is lively music. As you enter you will have to pay a high cover charge. Dress really nice as they adhere to a strict dress code.

Tokyo Dome
1-3 Koraku, Bunkyo Ku
Tokyo, Japan
The Tokyo Dome is a casino that is open to non-members. There is a dress code that must be followed so best to dress smart and jacket and tie are required for men. This is wear you can play the slots and try your luck for a night of fun in Tokyo.

Blue Note
6-3-16 Minami-Aoyama
Tokyo, Japan
The Blue Note is the place that you will wish to go if you love to sit and hear some great jazz sounds. This place gets top international acts and there is room to sit and relax. You will enjoy the music and the atmosphere for a wonderful night out.


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