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1000 Nights Camp

Located in an isolated spot of Wahiba Sands

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1000 Nights Camp - Main Entrance


1000 Nites Camp is the only one of its kind at Wahiba Sands. Our guests will enjoy not only a spiritual, cultural-but luxury experience of staying in-style at the heart of Wahiba Sands. The setting among the Cineraria trees emphasizes the beauty of the virgin golden sand dunes surrounding the camp. In certain mornings you can even see how the fog disappears gradually as the sun rises. Our guests will enjoy hearing nothing but the sound of silence. No racing cars, no dune buggies, no electricity generators and no cell phones. It is our commitment to our valuable guests to let them experience the ultimate difference of exploring desert life style, e.g. camel riding, trekking in the sand dunes under the guzzling stars or early in the morning while the sun rises, instead of 4WD cars that are used only to reach the camp but totally prohibited in the Camp area.

1000 Nites Camp is located in an isolated spot of Wahiba Sands (40 Km from the main road at ALMINTRIB). Self-drivers will enjoy the real experience of driving their 4WD to reach the Camp.

1000 Nights Camp - Camp View
1000 Nights Camp - Arabic Tent
1000 Nights Camp - Pathway

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