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Life Family in Qatar!

Qatar is a family-oriented country where children are welcomed just about everywhere. Families, and especially children, play an important role in Qatari culture. Family outings are very popular and you will see large extended family groups picnicking outside and around the playgrounds, parks and the Corniche area in cooler months.

Qatar offers activities for you and your family — the hard part will be deciding which to try first.

Qatar may be a small country, but organized sports are big here. Activities in Doha keep your family active include aikido, aerobics, badminton, baseball, basketball and bowling. Cycling is a favorite pastime and you’ll find families peddling around the compounds. Cross-country bikes can also be found for sale in Doha.

Take advantage of horseback riding on Arabian horses in Doha. There are several tracks and expert facilities with breeders in Qatar. Classes can be arranged for adults and kids both in group settings or private sessions. Perhaps you prefer ice skating at the City Center Mall where you can take ice skating and hockey lessons.

Don’t forget Qatar has major golf. Doha hosts pristinely manicured golf courses for your family to play and enjoy in the cool weather months. The Qatar Master’s Tournament is held every March on its golf course. Lessons are available for all ages and levels.

Tennis is another widely-played sport in Doha with most compounds and sports clubs housing their own tennis courts. There are several instructors to take lessons from. World class tournaments are held annually.

Or perhaps you prefer karate, rugby, track, squash, swimming at either the sports clubs or your compound’s pool, Tae Kwon Do, or volleyball. The opportunities are endless.

For those of you who like a little more culture and a little less sports, you will find art and voice lessons, music instruction and language classes. There are dance lessons for children and teens in ballet, ballroom or belly dancing.

The Doha Players — an English founded large international Community Theatre is regionally renowned for producing several plays and musicals throughout the year where both young and old can perform, run backstage operations or simply enjoy as audience members.

All sorts of societies thrive in Qatar, such as American Women’s Association, Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. You can join chess and film clubs or take cooking and gardening classes. There are environmental and natural history groups that meet regularly and plan activities as well as photography and science clubs.

Visit the country’s museums, including the Qatar National Museum and the Weaponry Museum, containing centuries’ old daggers and gilt-handled swords. History buffs will enjoy traveling outside Doha to the various forts and towers dotting Qatar’s landscape. Jebel Jassassiyeh features more then 900 carvings dating back thousands of years, offering many delights for the professional or amateur archaeologist.

Many native species, as well as traditional zoo animals, can be seen at the Doha Zoo. Complete with a children’s play area, the lush green grounds of the Zoo are ideal for picnics.

Al Bidda Park, located opposite the Corniche, contains ornamental pools and waterways with wooden bridges where kids can play and visit small food and souvenir stalls. There is an outdoor theater, children’s playground and a half-pipe for skateboarders.

With many benches and grassy areas to enjoy families will find much to do together in this relaxing environment.

The Corniche may be one of the most popular locations in Doha. Stretching along Doha Bay, this grassy expanse offers a pedestrian-only area for walking, running and playing. With the Arabian Gulf as a backdrop, families can enjoy a picnic or a stroll. Additionally, many organized activities take place along the Corniche, including parades and fireworks. During holidays and festivals Doha residents go to the Corniche to see the colored lights and decorations, eat local foods and watch the extravagant fireworks displays.

Boats and ferry rides to surrounding islands usually dock from the Corniche and the fishing harbor is here as well. You can take a voyage on a traditional wooden boat, called a Dhow, to islands located in Doha Bay. There is a short 10-minute trip to Palm Tree Island, where you’ll find beaches, playgrounds, a quaint restaurant and ample palm trees.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to sail, the Arabian Gulf is the perfect place for your family to learn maritime skills. With more than 700 km of coastline you can spend the entire day with your family beachcombing for shells and building skyscraper sandcastles.

Kids have it good in Qatar. Most of the large shopping complexes have entire play areas dedicated for children. These amusement centers offer a variety of games, rides, and activities, including Circus Land at the Landmark Shopping Mall, Jungle Zone at Hyatt Plaza, and Toby’s Adventureland at The Mall. Located in City Center Doha, Winter Wonderland offers ice skating, bowling alleys, and a water park, while X-Treme World offers a range of rides, games, and sports.

Most of the shopping centers have cinemas showing some of the latest blockbuster movie releases, complete with candy, soft drinks and popcorn. Throughout the year, Qatar has many festivals to entertain the entire family. Qatar Summer Wonders, in July, is filled with fun activities, shows and events.

Life Family in Qatar!

Life Family in Qatar!

Life Family in Qatar!

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