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Osaka Banks and Financial Companies

Osaka Banking Overview

To open an account, your passport and Certificate of Alien Registration are required.  Opening accounts cost no fee.  Upon your request, you will be issued an ATM card.

In Japan, bank interest is exceptionally poor, less than 0.5% on any account. If you do set up such an account though make sure you have enough money on hand to cover any possible emergencies. Bank hours are about the same as in the US --they close at 3PM on weekdays. Most have ATMs, but outside of central Tokyo they close around 6 PM or so. Also, you can save money just like banks through the post office. The P.O. is open until 4:00 (their ATMs until 9:00 weekdays, 5:00 Saturdays), has slightly better interest rates, and vastly more offices than any of the banks. Being a foreigner, you probably can get by without an inkan in establishing an account, but if you get one and use it once you'll be forever required to use it. It is the same as your legal signature--take VERY good care of it.

Checks in Japan are nearly unheard of for consumer transactions. People use cash and credit cards. Credit cards are generally accepted only at larger department stores and hotels, as well as shops that handle a lot of tourists. Generally smaller shops and supermarkets do not accept them. But it's now possible to withdraw money using a Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Cirrus, Maestro, and Electron card at some ATMs and post offices.

Japanese banks do offer one big convenience, though. You can automatically have your bills for utilities paid through bank transfer. This will save you the hassle of paying the bills yourself. Just fill out the necessary forms from your utility company. You can revoke this power at any time, and you'll get a receipt through the mail of what was deducted. If you choose not to do this, you can still pay your bills through the post office, or almost any convenience store if it's not overdue.

Banks in Osaka




Bank of America

03) 3459-0898





Sakura Bank



Sumitomo Bank




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